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Pictures of my Romania

These are pictures from different parts of Romania!!

(where Dracula was born) Cool huh??
I thought I would put them up there so everyone can see. I also thought it would be neat for people who have never seen romania.

The Other Day

Well the other day my sister tells me there is a vollyball pratice.... yeah.. I KNOW! She tells me, "hey your gonna go to it ok? I'm gonna be there so you know you'll be alright." My thoughts were, "OH MY GOD IS SHE TRYING TO KILL ME?!!!"
I got freaked out. "What am I going to do?!!" She looked at me and laughed, thinking that it was funny to try to put ME out there.

When we got there I freaked even worse, "Oh my GOTH!! ARE YOU REALLY WANTING ME DEAD THAT BAD?!" "No, I just want you to play a sport." I sighed and grabed a vollyball.. yeah.. I KNOW. Anyways I tried to hit it to another girl. I was doing OK.., I guess. Then she made us play against the other girls who have been doing it for years... A.K.A my sister and her friends.

At first I thought I was really going to suck. But I was surprisingly GOOD! MORE LIKE AWESOME!! I kept hitting it and spiking it.. (i think that's how you say it) And then I like surved it really good.

I was proud. I'm finally good @ something. And I'm gonna stick to it. =]


Theres going to be something thats in the night
I know you will keep going just out of spite.
Here in this place its dark
Sooner or later the devil will leave its mark
Then you would wished you didn't go.
I sit there and laugh, "I told you so."
In the dark you begin to weep
Then you hear something that will creep.
As you see your own fate
You feel like the evil won't truley wait.


Wanting something?

Did you ever want something? Like something that you have never found but keep searching in your heart? You just break down and feel the aloneness inside you? Did you ever want that thing so bad that you couldn't take it no longer? Did you ever just sat in a corner and say, "Why did it have to be me?" Did you ever wish that that something that you've been wanting to just show up and never dissappear? To come back in you heart, in your mind and soul? Did you ever want that something so bad you even got mad and hurt yourself thinking that it was your fault? Did you ever? Are you truley wanting that something?

I can answer all of these. All of them would only be 1 answer.... "yes"

Dissappointed in your life
Sitting there with yourself and a knife
In the darkness your alone
knowone could hear a single moan
that something you wanted will never show
you feel the blood comeout and flow
sick of feeling like it would come back
as your life becomes out of wack
hating this pain
it seems like you can gain
life, love, no sorrow
But then again there is always a tommorrow
you feel like it will never go away
your waiting every single day

Do ever miss someone?

Do you ever miss someone? Do you ever feel like that someone will never come back? You'll never see them again? Do you ever feel like that they just dissappeared and faded away in your memory? I feel that way.. I always miss that person that left. That never came back, that never said a word. That's who I miss.


I guess today was more better than usual.. ya um.. i had a friend on a internet webiste saying she was going to have a party.. but im not invited... Look i dont care anymore. I dont care how anyone feels about me or thinks or says! im sick of it! im tired of being the one laughed at, to be the one whos bad. IM SICK OF IT! im tired of the Sh!*. i just wish someone would hand me a gun and i would blow all their lives away.. yes, thats what i would do.

Every day i live through the damage i did. the stuff i tried to do but ended up wrong. i live through all the lies, all the pain, all the people telling me IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH! just shutup. im tired of the screaming inside of my head, the little girl inside of me telling me to just end it all make it go away. BUT I CANT! i..never can.

I just want all my "so called" friends to know that i don't need you. I don't want you. you don't want me either, you never did. no one ever did. so you know what.. LEAVE ME ALONE NOW! IM NOT YUOR MOM! IM NOT YOUR PERSON TO LEAN ON AND IM NOT GOING TO PAMPER UR A$$#$ ANY MORE!! ok?! good


Well first off today truely sucked.. but I'm ok ^-^ Today I woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon. When I did I was totally beat wanting a Hello Batty shirt. When I woke up my mom was gone, so was my dad. (as usual) I wanted to go to hot topic but sadly only my sister was in the house. "Great can't go today." She just looked at me like i was retarted. "Ok I'll shutup."

So anyways.. My sister was on the computer... I wanted to get on VampireFreaks... ya tht didnt happen.. she was being a b!%*h. ya i no.. like always. Then I went to take a morning shower. When I did I got out to shave my legs lol.. BUT IT ENDED UP I CUT MYSELF ALL OVER MY LEGS! it was gushing out like crazy. I thought, "can it get any worse?" Then i thought oh well and whiped it up with my finger and licked it.

Ah do i love the taste of iron in my blood. (lol)
I'm a mimic and very low on iron so ya.. i love the taste of it. after that i went into my room got my shirt and stuff on.. then my cat just went crazy and scratch my on my arms!! wow.. i ended up bleeding all over the carpet. "great.. OH NO NOT THE CARPET!!" i freaked out..


Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

What do you want written on your gravestone and why?
 What i want writtin on my gravestone is "here who lies someone with no love in their past live no one gave a d@%m

Little Nitemare Comes reality


Like always there was one nite I really didn't want to go to sleep. I eventually did though. When I did I dreamed that I was in my room and this ghost came out and was staring at me. For like no reason. Then I woke up. When I did I had cold sweat. (not normal even for me) and then I saw it. The ghost was rite infront of my face. In my head I said, "Oh god just go away." Then it did. I freaked out so bad. I was like," DUDE THERE WAS A GHOST INFRONT OF MY FACE!! DUDE!"  I then went back to sleep. 

In the morning I realized it wasn't the first time I saw it. I thought,"I saw in when I WAS 4!  Certianly this isnt what I saw when I was 4." Then I went into an old little dirary of mine. When I did I saw where I wrote what it looked like and what it was. I freaked. So naturally I was scared but excited that it was the same one and not a different one. I was like, "Wow I saw it again. I can't believe it."